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Complaint about delivery driver for order 202-3633728-6776313.

The driver called me and I told him to leave the package outside the front door of the flat.

However, he kept asking where to leave it, even though I explained it to him clearly and in simple steps.

While on the phone, he was very unprofessional, quite rude and clearly agitated (no idea what he was doing).

After a while he raised his voice, shouting 'listen to me', at which point I got annoyed. My anger is expressed by the fact that I am taking the time to write this complaint!

He also pestered me about where to leave an item for another client.

I have had many deliveries and I never had any problems. Personnel like this is a disgrace to Amazon and it's causing unnecessary aggravation by an incompetent and ignorant delivery driver!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Location: London, England

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In the US Amazon uses either UPS, FedEx, or the US postal service so the drivers are not an employee of Amazon, plus Amazon isn't always the seller or shipper of the goods purchased Amazon has indipendant sellers who may ship the items themselves or have "Fulfilled" by Amazon (this is the case with all Amazon Prime sales) with shipping through the above mentioned carriers. I've looked up the shipping for the UK also because I've shopped on Amazon.CO.UK quite a bit, to send gifts to my family in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and Amazon doesn't do their own deliveries in the UK they use the post, UPS, etc...

to ship the goods.

While I've not had any issues I am sure your issue was very frustrating and I'd find out which company was responsible for your debacle and file a complaint with that company in writing, hopefully you can get some resolution with your order. :zzz