The main reason for this review is because of Technology it is unbelievable that people can tell you more about what they cannot do instead of what they can do for you and even in your business at Amazon if I tell you there is an account open using my card but not in my name and I also tell you that it is an unauthorized use you should be able to remove that account automatically since the car is in my name and I know for sure I did not authorize it to use ,but you are too busy telling everyone what you cannot do when you should be telling them what you can do this is unfair business practice in my opinion and I know it is all about getting money as much as you can get before this is thing discovered. If it is at all possible for me to never have to deal with this company again I will never do it

User's recommendation: Read the fine print when you order something from Amazon they will *** you every time.

Location: Temple, Texas

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