I have received random orders (which I have not purchased) three separate times. The contents of the packages are sex toys.

Im feeling violated and targeted for some unknown reason. Frankly its terrifying. I had to dispose of the items because after the first one I call AMAZON and they told me someone will pick up the package. After a month the pkg was still at my front door awaiting pickup.

Since then there have two other deliveries but now AMAZON does not provide a phone number to call. Im an author and have several books sold on AMAZON and havent had any other problems, but this one is totally unacceptable! And if I dont receive resolution Ill figure out another way to make this stop. From what Ive been reading online there are many other people that are being targeted.

Im thinking class action law suit. And Im wondering if Ill ever get a response to this communication as Ive never received a response from my first communication with AMAZON.

User's recommendation: Be very careful. Some of us are being bombarded and targeted with unwanted and un-ordered sex toys.

Amazon Cons: Shipping problems and.

Location: Clearwater, Florida

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