Purchased 2 Mars hydro TS 1000's & received both, 2 Maxsisun mf 2000's and received both, and 2 Viparspectra P2500's but only received 1 of the 2 I paid for??? USPS told me to let u guys know ,so this can be resolved and I might get my light I didn't receive.

It was a ViparSpectra P-2500 pro series. Says on my tracking of the order that it was dropped on my front porch. It was raining that day and I was sitting there waiting on it at my front door so it wouldn't get wet and I could take it inside as soon as it showed. But to my dissapointment,it never showed.

Been everywhere and done as much as possible for myself to find it, but tried,tried, and tried again w 0 success!

Was just wanting the one and only light of the 6 lights I paid for and did not receive. I've also bought other items and received everything to this point other than my Viper spectra P 2500 pro series.

User's recommendation: Amazon is and always Has been very good about getting me everything I order. Just looking to get this dealt with so I can continue having a 100% satisfactory rate with Amazon.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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