I purchased a Michael kors watch but unfortunately it would not take a charge so I was forced to return it. After it was returned I learned a refund was issued to an Amazon credit and I wanted it to be placed against my credit card.

When I talk to customer service I was told that could not be done so as a result I let him know when I thought about Amazon and prime membership and I thought about leaving.

He called me back about 10 minutes later and told me it could be accomplished and that's a credit would be put on my credit card I appreciate his diligence and his efforts to make sure this got done. You should be thankful you have a guy like that was willing to work for the customer which is unheard of in America today most customer service in America just does not no longer exists.

User's recommendation: Do not be afraid to tell Amazon what you think of their company and hopefully you get a good customer service rep like I ended up with.

Location: Bozeman, Montana

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