I live in Canada. I purchased a tent from amazon.com.

They charged me $46.24 for import fees deposit ("if needed"). When the tent arrived the receipt shows subtotal price $141.95 + $25.54 shipping and handling and the order total was $213.73. No mention of the import fees yet it shows on the total. I wondered who received this import fee?

So I called UPS they said they did not no since the tent was shipped from Toronto. I called Amazon.com, they said it was charged to me because I chose expedited delivery service, which was the cheapest option and this is not true. I called Canada border services to see if they received the import fees and they said they did not know, it was probably charged to me because the tent is made in China because if it was made in the U.S.A there would be no duty because of Nafta. I doubt this, the outdoor supply company that imported the tent to the US would have paid this if applicable.

It all doesn't add up and it still doesn't explain why the receipt does not even write down the $46.24 or who received the money.

So who did receive my $46.24? No one knows it would appear.

Monetary Loss: $46.

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Let's call this "import deposit" ploy on the part of Amazon what it truly is : a racket designed to get more money out of you without any effort on their or goods delivered. They bank on the fact that most people will not contest, or simply forget about, the exorbitant amount extracted from them by this subterfuge.

Amazon knows they have crossed the threshold of credibility with this ruse and that they are treading on very thin legal ice bordering on outright criminality. If you find yourself, like I did, victimized by this scam just retaliate in the successful manner that I did. Contact their HELP link and fire off an email making a nonnegotiable demand for the return of the full amount of their bogus "import deposit".

Include a reference to the fact that you have forwarded a copy to the US Department of Justice / Consumer Fraud Division. You, like I did, will receive your rebate within one-half hour of firing off the missive.


The deposit fees are just often ask by customs but not always. Amazon just found a way to collect more money or they have a contract to deliver automatically those fees (but i don't think so). They don't even let us choose...