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I bought Visine Red Eye Total Comfort Multi-Symptom Eye Drops on but when I went to review it, it said can not find this item in my record of past orders.

Order date Feb 16, 2021

Order #112-330****-121****

Order total $18.87 (3 items)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021 by 10pm

Visine Red Eye Total Comfort Multi-Symptom Eye Drops, All-in-One...$5.96 Qty: 3

Sold By: Services LLC

My review would have stated that instead of drinking a toxic item, I was putting it in directly into my eyes where it had the same effect - sickness. I tried using all three bottles with the same symptoms.

It took me a while to narrow down what was making me ill

every morning until I eliminated the Visine.

Today I tried again with a sealed, unopen bottle. I was immediately sickened.

I will not be using Visine again even though I have used it in the past with no ill effect so I am puzzled as to why it makes me sick now.

User's recommendation: Review Immediately don't wait two months.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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