Amazon did the same thing to me cause their flawed automated system determined that I was being paid for reviews, but that is not true. In fact, I believe that they owe me big money, and here's the reason why.

For over a decade, I wrote reviews of the thousands of items I bought from Amazon. And my reviews were read and favored by thousands of costumers who ultimately ended up buying the items based on my reviews or others' like mine. So Amazon made a monetary profit with every sale they made that was somehow direct or indirectly influenced by my reviews. My reviews are my intellectual property, and Amazon made a profit out of them for several years until the decided to simply delete all my reviews out of false assumptions.

They don't give me a choice to recover all my reviews and use then as I please, even if I am not allowed to publish them on their site, they should not be allowed to deny access to their authors. I wonder what a good Judge or a grand jury would have to say about it.

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I agree that Amazon exploits reviews for profit, but you chose to post content for free on its platform, so you don't have the right to complain about how it treated you as a reviewer. That's especially true when you had the option of running a blog and posting links to Amazon as an affiliate all this time.


I'm laughing out loud at this post right now. Your reviews on a website that you posted freely are not your "property" unless you filed a copyright.

They have NO obligation to leave anything you posted on their site if they don't want. You sound like such an idiot.