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Why don't you have an exact way to contact about someone else using my account?

I informed have you in 2021 that I had an identity theft issues and that this account was being used for purchases you have not verified with me. I recently received a package for something I used to order from you and I removed my account and created another supposedly.

So you are to contact me with information on how this works, how do we get you to respond to this identity theft problem with this Amazon Account.

Maryann E Robinson

mrobinson300@***.comb or

Inrhythm97541@***.com and inrhythm3000@***.com

My phone number was changed a year ago or more from what I see you have why? I changed my information from 612-427-**** my cell phone number is +161******** please contact me when you get this message, thank you. Because of my disability I don't have the materials in hand, but I can upload them later, and I have noticed that there are charges, but I have not placed any orders.

Note: In July 2021 fraudulent activities from my bank account were identified, these purchases that were made through my Wells Fargo Bank Account withdrawal were fraudulent. I have notified Wells Fargo Bank, and they are under investigation after filing my reports.

My account needs to be closed and re-establish under some other name, I have not used Amazon Prime, but I am being charged for the service?

Please call thank you again Maryann E. Robinson

User's recommendation: Cancel the whole account and reestablish it under a new name. Or just cance..

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: Phone customer service.

Amazon Cons: Appears to be no customer service support for this problem.

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