As I am a first time customer with Amazon I got online, I found what I was looking for so I ordered the product, the rep talked me into a 2 day delivery. I said no I am not in a hurry, so then he tells me it was something they did for first time customers.

Based on his assurance that they did this for all the new customers I chose that option. THIS MAN LIED TO ME !! Now I see what he DID NOT TELL ME was the fact that they would use my debit card to charge me without my consent or knowledge for this " Prime Account ". I WAS NOT TOLD THAT THIS CHARGE WOULD HAPPEN AND IF THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HONEST AND NOT DECEITFUL I would have canceled their Prime B.S.

Account right away!!!!!!

Now I have been in business myself for 30 years, I HAVE NEVER DECEIVED ANYONE in all my deals and transactions !! I am not an *** or inattentive when it any business or purchases. The action of Amazon.com taking the $ 99.00 for their " Prime Account ' out of my bank account without my knowledge or consent or notifying me caused my account to over draft. I don't have money due to the fact that I am on Worker's Comp.

disability. I got hurt in another huge company's vehicle. HEY Jeff Bezo IS THIS HOW YOU DO BIZ WITH ANY AND ALL CUSTOMERS ?!! Do you always TAKE ADVANTAGE of your new customers, especially disabled people ?!!

So today I find out about this at my bank. I could not cash my check due to this over draft. I come home, get online go to my Amazon account, open it up and what do you know THERE IS NO CONTACT INFORMATION on Amazon's website. On Amazon's website why do they post no email or phone contact info.

Is this done on purpose? HMMMMMMMM! I have been Decieved!! JEFF BEZO you had better get me contact info to get this $ 99.00 plus the over draft fees refunded.

IF THERE IS NO RESPONSE BY YOU OR YOUR COMPANY IN 7 BUSINESS DAYS, IT'S OFF TO MY LAWYER'S OFFICE, THEN My next stop is the United States Federal Justice Department and the office for Disabled People.

Oh by the way its a crime to deceive Disabled People and this transaction was over state lines. Where do we go from here JEFF ??????

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Membership.

Monetary Loss: $135.

Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Ripped me too charge me $99 I saw the e mail and canceled it, 3 mins later $99, again three times.. could not find a CS number any place so canceled the card.

over $300 out of my account, I called and said I was selecting prime, told never you did the same last year I told you then Never have prime.

Told 7 - 14 days for refund which is a lie, I am a on line sales guy 3 days top. Amazon Ripped me off.


Hey this same bs happen to my wife. This nothing more than a crime .go to your back and file a complaint for with drawing money with out aproval.....what a online scam amazon has got going...just think of how many people that don't watch there bank statements. ..amazon .com your running a scam by doing this ...it may take some time but the government will step in on this.people need to start complaining to your state rep.and the bbb.


whom can I complain? what government office have power over Amazon scans???.

I just called Amazon for $107 refund on a prime subscription that they withdrew from my bank account without telling me. If some one at there has anyg info on my Question please let me know THANKS



My husband was just charged 99.00 for a membership also. We have not ordered anything from Amazon Prime.

This is crazy !

We had to shut our account down at the bank while we dispute the charge meanwhile we live on a fixed income so the little we have they are trying to take. I don't understand how they got his information in the first place.


Class action lawsuit!!


Now I have been in business myself for 30 years, caused my account to over draft,

I don't have money due to the fact that I am on Worker's Comp.

disability. I got hurt in another huge company's vehicle.

IF THERE IS NO RESPONSE BY YOU OR YOUR COMPANY IN 7 BUSINESS DAYS, IT'S OFF TO MY LAWYER'S OFFICE, THEN My next stop is the United States Federal Justice Department and the office for Disabled People.


Blablablabla Non of your rant makes sense.


Try contacting local newspapers


This same thing happened to me. Do you know if there is any way I could get my money back?


They did the same to me! They charged my credit card $106 for Amazon prime without me knowing.

I just happened to catch it. If they do this to everyone and only a few catch it they are really making out.


I got billed too and talked to my bank. They told me that they have had many complaints about this.

I called Amazon and raised ***. They said they will take it off of my Visa bill.

This kind of stuff really makes me mad especially coming from a big company.


I got charged over $130 on my account without knowing, now I have to fight to get it refunded because they haven't even refunded me the full amount.


I was also deducted $99 dollars for signing up for a free trial. The trial didn't work and it kept telling me that my card was not being accepted.

I never used nor did I even know I had a free trial! Then I'm charged $99!

For a total of $106 with taxes! Were you refunded your money?!


I knew something was fishy when it said prime up top. I hadn't signed up for anything and there it is.

I checked my bank and email but nothing said anything about it. I wanted to order something for my boyfriend and the shipping had an prime option. My memory tells me it was the only one but I don't remember well. Still nothing saying anything about why I have prime.

A month later I realize I have a -$99 in my bank account processing. A couple months ago hulu charged me when I forgot to end the trial in time. Spent $45 from overdraft learned my mistake. But I didn't even sign up for prime free trial!

It wasn't plastered everywhere that this was going on. I saw no charges and so I didn't think much more about it. Still waiting on my refund of hopefully $135. I can't believe a trusted site as "amazon" plays sketchy games!

After this I'm never buying from them again and sure to tell everyone I know. I've had better service from eBay and boy am I shocked..


This just happened to me too I checked my banking account and was charged $106 along with three overdrafts when I call customer service and spoke to the supervisor by the name of Paul he told me I

This just happened to me too I just checked my bank account and saw the charge on there as I was on hold I was reading about how this happened to so many other people and told Paul that and he said I know I would be refund of the $106 and the three overdrafts but I had to wait 5 to 7 business days I kept complaining that it went to 3 to 5 business days I'm disabled and I have no money for the next 3 to 5 business days thanks To Amazon


Obviously they haven't learned ANYTHING!! I JUST GOT CHARGED $99 without any consent.

I was charged a $29 fee for overdrafting my checking account and wasn't able to pay my bills!! I am so sick of these huge companies deceiving customers.

I will never deal with Amazon again! Watch your accounts and BEWARE OF AMAZON!!!


Same thing happened to me just today. I will no longer buy from this site.

I'll switch to eBay before getting charged 100 dollars everytime I go to order something. This is the second time for me.

I'm pissed beyond recovery. To heck with Amazon.


I am so disgusted with Amazon for the $99 charge I will never use them ever again!!!!!!!!!


Yes they did the same thing to me then going to say i ordered it, how i asked ?what there doing is keeping our card numbers and making fraudulent charges on our accounts. Now I Owe Over Draft Fees To The Bank..Really Unhappy With Amazon I will Not Be Ordering From Them Ever Again.


Why the *** was i charged 99.00 for a free trial, 5 minutes into the *** trial? It's not freaking free then.


I did not even sign up for the 30 day, I was just charged without even asking me. This is total Fraud.