As I am a first time customer with Amazon I got online, I found what I was looking for so I ordered the product, the rep talked me into a 2 day delivery. I said no I am not in a hurry, so then he tells me it was something they did for first time customers.

Based on his assurance that they did this for all the new customers I chose that option. THIS MAN LIED TO ME !! Now I see what he DID NOT TELL ME was the fact that they would use my debit card to charge me without my consent or knowledge for this " Prime Account ". I WAS NOT TOLD THAT THIS CHARGE WOULD HAPPEN AND IF THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HONEST AND NOT DECEITFUL I would have canceled their Prime B.S.

Account right away!!!!!!

Now I have been in business myself for 30 years, I HAVE NEVER DECEIVED ANYONE in all my deals and transactions !! I am not an *** or inattentive when it any business or purchases. The action of Amazon.com taking the $ 99.00 for their " Prime Account ' out of my bank account without my knowledge or consent or notifying me caused my account to over draft. I don't have money due to the fact that I am on Worker's Comp.

disability. I got hurt in another huge company's vehicle. HEY Jeff Bezo IS THIS HOW YOU DO BIZ WITH ANY AND ALL CUSTOMERS ?!! Do you always TAKE ADVANTAGE of your new customers, especially disabled people ?!!

So today I find out about this at my bank. I could not cash my check due to this over draft. I come home, get online go to my Amazon account, open it up and what do you know THERE IS NO CONTACT INFORMATION on Amazon's website. On Amazon's website why do they post no email or phone contact info.

Is this done on purpose? HMMMMMMMM! I have been Decieved!! JEFF BEZO you had better get me contact info to get this $ 99.00 plus the over draft fees refunded.

IF THERE IS NO RESPONSE BY YOU OR YOUR COMPANY IN 7 BUSINESS DAYS, IT'S OFF TO MY LAWYER'S OFFICE, THEN My next stop is the United States Federal Justice Department and the office for Disabled People.

Oh by the way its a crime to deceive Disabled People and this transaction was over state lines. Where do we go from here JEFF ??????

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Membership.

Monetary Loss: $135.

Store Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

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This just happened to me too I checked my banking account and was charged $106 along with three overdrafts when I call customer service and spoke to the supervisor by the name of Paul he told me I

This just happened to me too I just checked my bank account and saw the charge on there as I was on hold I was reading about how this happened to so many other people and told Paul that and he said I know I would be refund of the $106 and the three overdrafts but I had to wait 5 to 7 business days I kept complaining that it went to 3 to 5 business days I'm disabled and I have no money for the next 3 to 5 business days thanks To Amazon


Obviously they haven't learned ANYTHING!! I JUST GOT CHARGED $99 without any consent.

I was charged a $29 fee for overdrafting my checking account and wasn't able to pay my bills!! I am so sick of these huge companies deceiving customers.

I will never deal with Amazon again! Watch your accounts and BEWARE OF AMAZON!!!


Same thing happened to me just today. I will no longer buy from this site.

I'll switch to eBay before getting charged 100 dollars everytime I go to order something. This is the second time for me.

I'm pissed beyond recovery. To heck with Amazon.


I am so disgusted with Amazon for the $99 charge I will never use them ever again!!!!!!!!!


Yes they did the same thing to me then going to say i ordered it, how i asked ?what there doing is keeping our card numbers and making fraudulent charges on our accounts. Now I Owe Over Draft Fees To The Bank..Really Unhappy With Amazon I will Not Be Ordering From Them Ever Again.


Why the *** was i charged 99.00 for a free trial, 5 minutes into the *** trial? It's not freaking free then.


I did not even sign up for the 30 day, I was just charged without even asking me. This is total Fraud.


This just happened to me also and I am really mad. I do not like that I was not notified until I check my bank account.Totally uncalled for. Jeff Bezos don't you have enough that you have to scam customers.


This happened to me too just recently. We should open a class action lawsuit!!!


My story is even worse. I did not order free trial, I just purchased blander discovered charges for Amazon Prime two days later on my credit card.

There was neither receipt for the charges or email This is fraud and they do it intentionally. Very disappointed with Amazon.


has anyone gotten their $99 back?


you can! check your account and and cancel the Amazon prime member than you can refund.

cuz i did. wish you good luck.


I did but the *** charged me another 99 bucks 2 hrs later for rejoining a membership of prime and this time I know I ordered nothing in those two hours nor did I click the rejoin prime button sonow I'm waiting on my 99 dollar credit.. and make sure u remove all card info on your payment management list or they'll bill again smh


The same exact thing happened to me! I canceled, was refunded and then almost immediately charged the Prime fee again on my card when I didn't order anything, or rejoin Prime.

I contacted customer service online and they claim it will be refunded in 2-5 days. It really *** me off knowing that they do this to so many people and makes me wary or ever ordering for them ever again!


i got my 99 back. now there tying again to rip me off again


Same thing happened to me as well. I only signed up for the 30-day free trial. I was NOT told that they would automatically charge me $99 for a full year membership after the trial period was up.


That is BS! You are told if you don't cancel, you will be charged! I just signed up for the 30 day trial and it tells you plain as day in the sign up process that you will be charged if you don't cancel!


I also did NOT sign up for prime but did cancel a couple days later. WHY DID THEY SIGN ME UP IS THE QUESTION???? NOT MY DECISION!!!!!


Call and talk with the manager and tell them to listen to their recorded conversation. I had to that with DirectTV.

It worked and I didn't have to pay the $500 disconnect fee.

Took a lot of *** raising and phone calls and emails and 3 months of it but, didn't pay a dime. Good luck!


I honestly was charged $99.00 for the BS Amazon Prime...no email confirmation but saw it taken out of my checking acct. Cancelled immediately and expecting full refund