As I am a first time customer with Amazon I got online, I found what I was looking for so I ordered the product, the rep talked me into a 2 day delivery. I said no I am not in a hurry, so then he tells me it was something they did for first time customers.

Based on his assurance that they did this for all the new customers I chose that option. THIS MAN LIED TO ME !! Now I see what he DID NOT TELL ME was the fact that they would use my debit card to charge me without my consent or knowledge for this " Prime Account ". I WAS NOT TOLD THAT THIS CHARGE WOULD HAPPEN AND IF THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HONEST AND NOT DECEITFUL I would have canceled their Prime B.S.

Account right away!!!!!!

Now I have been in business myself for 30 years, I HAVE NEVER DECEIVED ANYONE in all my deals and transactions !! I am not an *** or inattentive when it any business or purchases. The action of Amazon.com taking the $ 99.00 for their " Prime Account ' out of my bank account without my knowledge or consent or notifying me caused my account to over draft. I don't have money due to the fact that I am on Worker's Comp.

disability. I got hurt in another huge company's vehicle. HEY Jeff Bezo IS THIS HOW YOU DO BIZ WITH ANY AND ALL CUSTOMERS ?!! Do you always TAKE ADVANTAGE of your new customers, especially disabled people ?!!

So today I find out about this at my bank. I could not cash my check due to this over draft. I come home, get online go to my Amazon account, open it up and what do you know THERE IS NO CONTACT INFORMATION on Amazon's website. On Amazon's website why do they post no email or phone contact info.

Is this done on purpose? HMMMMMMMM! I have been Decieved!! JEFF BEZO you had better get me contact info to get this $ 99.00 plus the over draft fees refunded.

IF THERE IS NO RESPONSE BY YOU OR YOUR COMPANY IN 7 BUSINESS DAYS, IT'S OFF TO MY LAWYER'S OFFICE, THEN My next stop is the United States Federal Justice Department and the office for Disabled People.

Oh by the way its a crime to deceive Disabled People and this transaction was over state lines. Where do we go from here JEFF ??????

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Membership.

Monetary Loss: $135.

Store Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

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This happened to me last month 1-27-18. A mystery charge on my card from AMAZON/Prime for 10.99..

When I looked up my Amazon account. It was now going to be a reoccurring bill every month for 12.99 unless I canceled it right then.. Or paid them the 99.00 for a full year at once. What total BS.

I did not approve this transaction. But how do you sue a multi-billion dollar corporation? NOT.. No contact information on the Amazon site.

Go figure. I am going to file a complaint in my home state and in Washington state where the headquarters is located.


Almost happened to me as well. I do think its deceptive the way they have the page set up.

They must be stopped!!! To those who have had their money stolen by Amazon please contact the Washington State General Attorneys office and file a complaint. The more complaints they receive the better the chance of having these kinds of practices stopped. As long as people say nothing Amazon will keep getting away with this sort of thing.

Call the State Attorney Generals office and let them know what Amazon is doing. 1-800-551-4636.


I dont know whats going on with them. I read somewhere that they are trying to force people to sign up for their Prime membership.

Those that refuse like myself because I think its unnecessay and a scam, are made to suffer by delaying our orders etc... Guess what! this is not going to make me want to open my wallet up and pay Amazon a *** dime for their useless service.

What it will make me do is to take my hard earned money over to Ebay and other online retailers who actually appreciate my business!

Also I wonder what the FTC and General Attorneys office would think about Amazons bad faith attempts to Sabotage Loyal customers who refuse to submit to their demands to pay for their useless Prime membership by having our purchases held hostage.....


yes, I was ordering an item and it said "Click here for more information on free shipping" I clicked and was charged $100... no acknowledgment of the charge...

just charge me the $100. it was not a free trial offer.

it simply said click here to LEARN MORE. I clicked and was taken straight to the shipping page and was already charged the $100.


While Im sure its comforting to play the victim the REALITY is ALL OF YOU clicked on the free trial!!! Be it by accident or design YOU AGREED to ALL of the terms of that trial offer.

Perhaps the REAL issue should be that YOU PEOPLE DID NOT READ!!!!! YOU just "clicked" away an when the other shoe drops its ALL Amazons fault. Where is the responsibility on YOUR part for agreeing to something YOU HAD NO IDEA ABOUT!!!! Many of your whining online DID use the service but since it wasnt free AND YOU FORGOT that YOU agreed to it Amazon becomes a villian.

I was presented with the 30 day PRIME trial as well, but I READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS!!!!! Once I saw there was going to be a reoccuring fee I said NO!!! Guess what, I wasnt charged later. MANY of these instances are YOU using the computer and clicking away without knowing WHAT you are clicking to.

In some instances its impatience, in some its general confussion. But in ALL of those instances SOMEONE in your home has clicked on the I AGREE button.




Then if that's the case, why wouldn't Amazon just let customers like you and me pay through PayPal, that way we are notified whenever there is a debit or payment made from our account. Instead they ask customer to put in their credit card or debit card info???

It happened to me as well. I bought something for the first time, and it says that I get a free shipping if it was over $25, so it did. Upon checking out that's when I found out that I needed to be Prime member to avail of that. So, I clicked no and paid for the standard shipping fee.

Then after a month time I was billed November 21, 2017. I looked into my Amazon account if I have a subscription, but there was none. I contact customer service and had a chat with one of their representative. She said that I've been a member since October 21, 2017.

I bought the items October 19, 2017 and my credit card was charged October 20, 2017. If it was intentional of me to subscribe, I would have done it before buying so I can avail of that free shipping.

After the purchasing October 19, 2017 I did not logged in to Amazon again, until today when I saw my credit card bill. So who do you think click it for me to be a Prime member and charged my account ???


He must work for Amazon.. I did not click any *** button.

Just ordered some freak-en batteries. And paid 14.00 for shipping...


this happen to me too i did not order anything from amazon i was just looking for items and prices untile i saw my account withdraw 105.00 dollars i called them and say why they withdraw my account i never said i would like to have prime what a rip off so they gave me my money back


jus checked my account I have new job and was checking my acct when I noticed a pending amazon prime charge of 106.92 which of course is unauthorized on top of that they charged me for a whole season of a show that I haven't watched nor wanted to watch


You signed up! Don't click yes to terms and conditions if you DONT agree with something. Not only that if people would read their Email they would not claim to be a victim


This was on our News about Amazon ripping off the customer with these prime crap.


I used my card to order things last month and just got a txt saying they took a 99 dollar charge out for prime have no idea y what can i do to get it back


I ordered a book one month and the next month was charged for Prime that I did not order. Canceled my card as stolen and will be getting a new one.

The only thing I can figure is that the book I ordered had a little Prime logo by it in the description square. I FEEL THIS IS A TRICK BY THEM!!


These people belong in jail....

Let's all sue them!! Is there attorney out there who's willing to take a class action suit against them?aalaall in 100%


Call the attorney generals office and file a report on them! 1-800-551-4636. If more people did this they would not get away with stuff like this!


That also happened on me. They charged me $99.99 to my debit card.

I found it after a year...... They even still place the prime membership ad on their website at the same place in order to sneak prime subscription! 


Amazon just took $105.93 out of my bank account again. They took my annual membership fee of 105.93 back in February.

Why are they taking out this amount again in October.

This is a ripoff and I want my money back. Looks like I'm not the only one with this problem.


I received two unauthorized charges from Amazon.


I called Amazon and told them. They gave me a return and a yr free