As I am a first time customer with Amazon I got online, I found what I was looking for so I ordered the product, the rep talked me into a 2 day delivery. I said no I am not in a hurry, so then he tells me it was something they did for first time customers.

Based on his assurance that they did this for all the new customers I chose that option. THIS MAN LIED TO ME !! Now I see what he DID NOT TELL ME was the fact that they would use my debit card to charge me without my consent or knowledge for this " Prime Account ". I WAS NOT TOLD THAT THIS CHARGE WOULD HAPPEN AND IF THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HONEST AND NOT DECEITFUL I would have canceled their Prime B.S.

Account right away!!!!!!

Now I have been in business myself for 30 years, I HAVE NEVER DECEIVED ANYONE in all my deals and transactions !! I am not an *** or inattentive when it any business or purchases. The action of Amazon.com taking the $ 99.00 for their " Prime Account ' out of my bank account without my knowledge or consent or notifying me caused my account to over draft. I don't have money due to the fact that I am on Worker's Comp.

disability. I got hurt in another huge company's vehicle. HEY Jeff Bezo IS THIS HOW YOU DO BIZ WITH ANY AND ALL CUSTOMERS ?!! Do you always TAKE ADVANTAGE of your new customers, especially disabled people ?!!

So today I find out about this at my bank. I could not cash my check due to this over draft. I come home, get online go to my Amazon account, open it up and what do you know THERE IS NO CONTACT INFORMATION on Amazon's website. On Amazon's website why do they post no email or phone contact info.

Is this done on purpose? HMMMMMMMM! I have been Decieved!! JEFF BEZO you had better get me contact info to get this $ 99.00 plus the over draft fees refunded.

IF THERE IS NO RESPONSE BY YOU OR YOUR COMPANY IN 7 BUSINESS DAYS, IT'S OFF TO MY LAWYER'S OFFICE, THEN My next stop is the United States Federal Justice Department and the office for Disabled People.

Oh by the way its a crime to deceive Disabled People and this transaction was over state lines. Where do we go from here JEFF ??????

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Membership.

Monetary Loss: $135.

Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

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oh yea..now it seems like that every time you even go to the damn site you get put on amazon prime automatically. they told me they don't do that, but twice now in 2 months they have with me.

I will never look at this site again. I have ordered 3 things and disappointed on all 3. Since they where all shirts, I washed them before wearing and all 3 fell apart at seams.

Will never order again. Back to the store for me.

David V

you are not alone no one asked me either so they bill me each month


amazon is running a scam.


They did the same to my husband without him knowing it and he called. Them and report it and went to the bank also to stop it I hate amazon


Welcome to the club!!


Same thing happened here with me


I was an Amazon Prime member for over a year when my password stopped working. I had difficulty creating a new password (Amazon was supposed to send a confirmation which never arrived) so I placed a call.

I talked with someone with a rudimentary knowledge of English who I could not understand. I was transferred to an English speaking representative who was rude and condescending. He had my name, my address, my phone number, my email address and my credit card number but continued to quiz me with insignificant questions. I told him to just cancel my account.

I will add Netflix and Britbox to my TV viewing and not shop Amazon anymore. I don't need them.


I am waiting for my refund from Amazon/Al Divine Computers. And BBB.com do not care for other people and follow places like Consumer Affairs in New Jersey.


They also Blocked me in Messenger and BBB block me in Messenger, too


I am Linda John from Arizona. I do work for so many digital apps and exchanging digital currency. , Amazon Prime Refund Policy is very easy to get more help call on Toll Free Number +1-855-424-9807 https://www.optcustomerservice.com/amazon-customer-service-number.html


They pulled that *** on me this past May. I caught it during the order process.

They thought they were going to start charging my card 12 something per month.

The greedy bastards are blinded by their greed. I deleted all my card info and will look for other places to buy.


Be extremely careful regarding amazon prime! Know that when they say "FREE SHIPPING it is not free at all.

In the small type you are accepting their terms a that could add up to hundreds of dollars per year! It's very possible that thousands or millions of people are being charged this and not realizing it.This is very deceptive because it is buried in the small type. Check your card statements carefully for this recurring fee you might not think you signed up for. Contact amazon and immediately cancel your subscription.

Amazon needs to eliminate the word FREE from shipping if in fact there is a charge for it. Be careful on their site - not clear or transparent, and is deceptive regarding the costs.

Jean-Pierre D

Weird! It did happen to me also, but in a weird manner.

I went on line to check what Amazon Prime had to offer in comparaison to Netflop. I didn't event subscribed to anything. I didn't even give one bit of information to anyone. But since I have an account with Amazon, I was charged an automatic one-month subscription on my credit card…!!!

Right, try to find a phone number or email address for this monster company… So I called my bank, and without any hesitation, they immediately refunded me and canceled my credit card because it was a well known fraud to them.

I received a replacement card within a few days. Big companies are bastards.


Just got off phone with Amazon. On August 15, 2018 I was charged $126.00 for a Prime Membership I NEVER ordered.

I asked for refund and cancelled the membership. I suspect Amazon is charging non Prime members at will to goose their Prime Membership base. I didn't even order anything on July 16th 2018 (their Prime Day annual membership drive). I suspect foul play.

When I spoke to customer service they said "Sorry".....and maybe in 3 to 5 days I'll get my money back in my account. Btw, this also happened to a friend of mine too.

It seems too coincidental. I am deleting my online account and will use pre paid gift cards in the future.


Yes. Something similar happened to me May 25, 2018.

I had items in my cart and the Amazon window open for several hours while I considered adding another purchase for the rest of the day, researching. Then Amazon sends me an email that the items had been purchased!

I still had the window open clearly never having gone through purchase (I have a screen capture). So I wonder if Amazon is making my decision for me or if the seller was?


Just today I checked my bank account and it was over drafted because Amazon prime took out a reoccurring payment, I do not have amazon prime the last time I ordered from them was in Dec 2017 and I paid 8.95 for shipping so I was beside myself, well on May 7th my daughter used my debit card to buy something from amazon for me because she had prime and as we checked her account card was kept as primary payment but when I called amazon over this and looking at my account that stated very clearly I am not a prime holder and at the same time my daughter was on a laptop looking at hers and proving to me her debit card was primary payment the lady I was speaking to changed it right before our very eyes, I blew I told her she changed it while I was speaking to her and demanded to speak to a higher up. Although I will get the money back along with the overdraft fee it still don't explain how they can take that payment out of my account just because she used my card 1 time.


This also happened to me. I allowed my co-worker to order some headphones using my amazon prime.

Although my credit card was the primary, because my credit card did not go through for the prime payment, they begin using my co-workers credit card to pay for my prime. This went on for 7 months, without my knowledge. I contacted amazon and they said to make sure my prime account was not interrupted they used my co-workers credit card because it had been used on my account, even though I never authorized them to do this.

My co-worker believed that I had authorized them to take the money out of her account, I told her I didn't, so I got amazon to send me an email stating that I had not authorized them to take the money and they refunded her money, but I look like a thief. IT is absolutely ridiculous that I am going through this.


I signed up for the HBO 7 day trial. Tried to cancel it on the 5th, one day before the trial was to end.

I clicked that damn cancel button 3 times, THREE TIMES, and nada, zilch, a big fat nothing.. Yet, the following day, AFTER they charged me for something I attempted to cancel many times, I was charged for a month of HBO. I've contacted Amazon twice.. But, I also contacted my bank, as they haven't released the funds to Amazon just yet.

I've had a good and long record with Amazon, I've only had to ask for a refund twice in the last 20+ years, so, that's not too bad. But, this experience, it has to be the worst, because it is just such BS, how convenient for the cancellation button to not work the day before I would be charged for HBO, that after the 7 days I found hasn't much to watch, so it's not worth 15 a month in my opinion.