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I've tried Amazon a few times with very bad results, because I don't buy their membership, I get ignored and treated like krap. I'm the kind of guy that wants to see how a company will treat you and I don't feel I need to pay a fee every month to get at least half way decent.

So I have tried to order stuff that they tell me they can get to me in a little over a day (If I join their little pay your protection money club). Well my latest try I order a pair of shoes on the oct 12th and this is oct 17 and they still have not even bill my card or shipped them. I have heard nothing!

The last time I ordered something was the same problem and I finally dropped my order after three weeks, but every so often I try again. WHY??????

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Amazon Pros: Non that i know of so far.

Amazon Cons: Can not get them to send me my orders.

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Sucks!! Awesome for NORMAL sh%t but when Amazon says it is coming from their warehouse - and the delivery date changes from 3 days - to - week a later ++ - WHILE your Child is watching for his goods...WTF!?!?