Y'all took the money out my account and now wanna say it t want paid for?? *** Y'all need to check with the *** people who scans the *** package!!

Y'all took every damn time that it all cost with my other items $466 then paid extra on some items to be expressed delivery?? Bull!! And y'all know it . I know how it goes when they scan it when they see the money taken and this miss scan it and take the money or the *** package it self .

iam beyond pissed about this!!

I even spoken with a lady after the fact and she apologize and not to worry that my package will be on the way soon but here it is I don't have nothing my son don't have a Christmas present because Amazon wants to play me for my money never again I never had a problem with Amazon up until now y'all would never get my money again and I would definitely tell everyone about y'all too definitely taking it to social media and Facebook! To be careful look out for Amazon cuz sometimes it will get you for your money!!!

Location: Moyock, North Carolina

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