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That episode of Britt who ate his dog is sick. I had nightmares.

Yes ...you said it was for mature audiences. But its nothing mature to watch a guy eat his dog. Its insulting to other survivers. They didnt eat their own dogs who trusted them.

Britt is being rewarded and published for eating his dog. Its not a story of survival. Its a story of some rich adventurer who ate his dog and makes money telling about it. His dog returned to him..,,.faithfully.

Only to be eaten. Im done with you amazon.

Cant watch this cowardly Britt guy esting his dog . but im sure you have plenty of viewers getting off and salivating watching this whimp freak eat hus dog

Product or Service Mentioned: Animal Planet I Shouldnt Be Alive Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why on earth would you blame Amazon for this?