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I need a coat it's cost Is 99 but it is not deliverable I don't know why but I need it plz do something so that I can get it and I can buy it because during this winter it is very very important for me and as you know these offer won't come every time and it only comes during these festive season and as u know how much cold weather there will be during winter and I need it soo much so I send this mail plz help me plz it's link is over here pls try to make it deliverable and also for all of them who need it as u can see the link below here and plz check it as much fast as possible can u plz becuz this is the last chance which we can get this coat for indian rupees 99 in amazon plz make it easier and safer and deliverable for all to be ordered too sir / ms as u know it is cheap so we need it and we don't get any of these products this much cheap so make it ready as fast as possible and etc read this and reply me as faster as possible thank you very much

User's recommendation: We need delivery for all products thank you.

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka

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