First of all, I must disassociate myself from this "pissed consumer.com". At the time I used it, I was searching for contact information for the customer service at Amazon.com, and I wrote my concern, yet at that time I was not at all aware that this contact option might be identified with something such as "pissed consumer".

That is a weird/unholy choice of words, and besides I had no complaints, I was not upset for anything at all, and my issue was only to bring your attention to something that I had not understood/something which was my mistake/I caused the complication/uncertainty ! So, that "pissed consumer" is not at all for me, and please believe me. I do not want to be associated with that. Because I am the absolute opposite of a pissed consumer, I am a very "grateful" consumer, and I shall be the one who praisess/cheers/celebrates Amazon.com and all its employees !

And, by the way, they resolved my concerned not only flash-lightening fast !

...but they sent me a refund. And then, the circumstances turned towards the opposite direction, ...meaning that the items which I thought were not found, well... I did, indeed, find them in my apt.

So, I called them and I apologized for having claimed that I had not received my four items/cat toys. So, that box turned out having been here all along !

And, so I adamantly requested that the refund be erased/taken back !

Well, so...., guess what? Then, after a very brief couple of moments they went on to declare that for having been authentically mindful and justified/ reporting, authentically, the truth, and giving back the refund, well they said that Amazon was making a point that they felt that I deserve the refund, albeit for whatever I want !

Can You believe it ?

So, initially I refused, and eventually I said thank you, as I was feeling emotional/moved.

And so I accepted it.

Now,regardless, I still must be is associated with anything that may read such as "pissed consumer" . That is an awful term/title/designation !!!

Thank you much !

Tony/Jose Antonio velazquez/mendez

User's recommendation: Be authentically considerate/respectful/loving/honest/mindful.

Location: Anaheim, California

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