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How can we come together to get Amazon delivery drivers to knock at the door they are leaving packages at the wrong door, wrong address and taking pictures saying that it was left at a Secure location spot. Not when you live in a apartment building with 6 stories or more and 8 to 10 apartments on each floor that is not a secure location what happen to someone knocking and stepping back to wait if someone answer.

I spend alot of money on Amazon and I live alone so I send it to my Aunts house that works from home and I still can't get my packages. It's Christmas time and the the thieves are working hard to get free *** off of everyone that orders not just from Amazon but everywhere we pay they take . I call and they want to Investigate me I buy my *** I'm not taking my own *** . Fine a drop off location or try again tomorrow.

There are dates that say when it will come and I'm home and still I don't get it . I'm really tred of this

Preferred solution: Fix the situation .

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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" back to wait if" There is NO wait in the delivery game. What reality are you coming from?

If this happened, you would be back here whining that it's "taking forever" for your stuff to show up. Get Real...