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I can not believe that Amazon took my money immediately out of my account when I made a purchase. This was 3 weeks ago and i only received part of my order, all the other items were returned by the deliverer back to Amazon.

Due to the products being damaged during delivery. I still have not received my money back to my account. In the system it shows undeliverable and returned to sender. I have to wait until the items get back to Amazon and then they will refund my money and that could take up to 2 weeks longer.

That is crazy that I have to wait to get my money so Amazon has use of my money eventhough it shows in the system that I did not get my items. This is how they get rich off of people.

User's recommendation: There is nothing to recommend to the customers. Its Amazon that needs to change how they do buissness.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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