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I keep getting notices in my email roberta@engardehealth.com that my order s out for delivery. I have dozens of meaningless confirmation#.

This is all obviously a scam by people too lazy to work for a living. I am reporting it to BBB and other people who will see that the felons go to jail. Every day I get dozens of these notices. They are, fortunately, all going into my junk file and I do not believe in what they are saying but I would be happy if it would stop.

In the past I have gotten other scam mail. These are people who are too lazy to get a job so they think up vile ways to scam hard working people, many poor like myself.

They try to rob you of the very last cent you have. I hope they will soon be put out of business.

Reason of review: scam e mails about orders I am suppose to be" receiving from Amazon".

Amazon Pros: I like amazon.

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Just pointing g out to you that obviously these aren't coming from Amazon, they are phishing scams hoping to confuse people I to opening and clicking on a link. The fact that you just posted your email on a public website probably just opened yourself up to more sdcammers. Don't give your Email to strangers