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I'm not complaining I just wanted to make sure that you had my right email it's Smiley the one you the one you responded to is my email and I'm playing a money game that I win Amazon debit cards and for them when I cash out I want to make sure that goes to my other PayPal account which is a different email but it's on the game but my email is not on the game and I do want to give feedback about the game it's chips chip Wynn 221 I like the game but the other day I had a problem the game literally froze and why I don't know but I could have sat there and collected credit cards all night long but that wouldn't be right so I exited the game and I came back the next day and so far so good sometimes I don't know if you watch an ad you can get more points and work sometimes I watch the ad when I asked Don I go back to the game hopefully sometimes I end up in Google Play and I got got to hit another button to get back to that bad and then hit the ax and go back to the game I can't tell you how many times I've had to go back to the game the other way I had to just start over so that bonus with loss I can't tell you how many times has the credit card I mean if you have problem with me let me know but all right trying to do everything right that's all I know I sent there for 10 hours playing it and had been problems and that's not your problem if you can't get back in that game I don't know why that happened so you can really don't I don't I don't know bye let me know if everything's okay I played other games and I had a lot of money on them games and my phone broke and I got a new phone and when I activated the new phone I lost had it backed up with that wasn't the case so I mean I can tell you I just forgot forget about it and I'm starting over but I could possibly I'm sure I could find find them James it was under a different email but I'm not even going to bother with that one I know it was a lot of money and it was Amazon and it was PayPal card and and money but water under the bridge starting over and I don't plan on losing okay I'm not pissed I guess where I

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