It had been awhile since I last used my Firestick because of my new TV service offered several free movie channels. I am growing tired of the offerings so I went to use the Firestick and it wanted me to set it up like it was new.

Well I couldn't remember all of the information that it asked for at least it stated that I put in the wrong information. It took me forever to find Amazon's help number so by the time I did, I was already frustrated. The man who answered was kind and knowledgeable but to top everything off I was using my Android phone to try to accomplish what I was told to do.

Android very slow and he couldn't understand what was taking so long, so I told him to have a good day and hung up. Did not get to watch my Firestick.

User's recommendation: Use your firestick on a regular basis.

Location: Lubbock, Texas

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