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Its been a very unpleasant phone calls back-and-forth for the past two weeks my items never came in and said that it was delivered to our designated safe area which is *** because nobody no I took a picture my phone shows that the person was in our parking lot and then I was the next stop he never came in that was Friday November 26 2021 I called the customer service and they told me to wait because sometimes the market as delivered and they delivered either later on or the next day basically I had to wait till Monday I had to call two more times but in between that I had to finish up an order for my customer so I was physically forced to go to Michaels Walmart and to other stores to find my supplies to finish up my order anyhow I got all of those but it took me up a lot of hours and I got three little kids and I got a small business on Tuesday I spoken to a gentleman he said they gonna go ahead and credit my account and Ill be able to use it within 24 to 48 hours I cannot use credit that was given to me for the items that were missing I couldnt return it on my credit card because I had a different number and expiration because I miss placed the other one anyways usually Ive never had a problem with Amazon always a good customer service I guess Amazon business does not treat its customers really well because being a small business is a horrible thing to do you get treated like *** you cant get your money back or you cannot even do anything anyways they gave me the money as a certificate of some sort for Amazon only I had to only buy Amazon items and sold by Amazon and ship By Amazon. I do not want anything from Amazon I need it items for my business it took me four more calls to get Amazon gift card credit it onto my account they gave me some *** excuse that they cannot do this and that I do not pay you in Amazon credit so when Im missing items that is not my problem thats Amazons problem and I do have my camera and I had no one come to my house and bring me the delivery on Friday or Saturday or Monday I even went around and asked my neighbors no one had my items I live in in a good neighborhood but unfortunately since 2020 we got some shady people leaving here so they still packages all the time so I make sure to have a nice beautiful sign on my door that says USPS Amazon UPS and FedEx we are home please knock I even have instruction on Amazon delivery anyhow after being on the phone numerous times and a week and a half in I finally got credit please treat small business a lot better Im reconsidering to move to a regular prime Amazon instead of my business because it Looks like my Amazon business is completely useless

User's recommendation: No not Amazon business.

Monetary Loss: $86.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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