Nope, problem solved. Only complaint is hearing about how I can go online...

hate computers, just want easy access to a real human being... then all is good!! I do think your company is phenomenal, truly awed at the organization youll pulled off, talk about genius, it was/is absolutely that.

Now take your billion dollar profits and be the person that can save this extraordinary planet. Stop wasting time & a ridiculous amount of Earth-murdering fuel on the deadly fantasy of living on a planet w/ no oxygen to breathe.

Admit that you do not know more on the subject of this living, trying to breathe planet, than the awesome David Attenborough. Be a student of his plan to avoid Earths 6th catastrophic collapse where well be the dinosaurs this time leaving only our bones for posterity. Theres nothing you could do that would more guarantee your name in lights forever. Truly Jeff Bezos...

think about it.

Your true genius is a phenomenal gift, please use it in a way no one else can!!

Sincerely! EA Ward

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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