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I have already told you. I took a shirt to ups this am just like last time it is going to be a refund on gift

Card and they said it takes 2

To 4 hours. It has been 6 hours so I am checking into this

Amazon Pros: Great selection of products.

Location: Marietta, Georgia

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I sent back a item. Ups received it and scanned it.

I have done this before and y’all tell me it takes 2 to 4 hour to be put on my Apple gift card. I had to call and it was so confusing so it took about 8 hours. My refund was 35,30 I bought a top that was right at 30,00 and then my balance was 0.00 look 5,00 could help add to my balance. They did this on the one I was talking about and I did not get any put back on card they said 0.00 balance.

So is that one of yalls rules keep the mo ey if it under a certain amount. You know that is my money! Also the most unprofessional thing I have ever see is Pissed of Customers. That is such a slang word.

It is so horrible for your huge AMAZON to use that word. JImmie Owens