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To be continued I was selling their stuff and buying their stuff and because I bought a lot of it they said suspicious activity it doesn't make sense you know what I mean it sounds good my name's good time is good they're paid for but the problem is you know what I mean they really put a damper in me trying to do something in my life now if they had a better way to do it they could have said that they could have said well we have a I didn't know that but I found out they have a business or something like that where I can buy from Amazon and sell and and you know stuff like that I didn't know that they could have just told me that instead now they're causing me a lot of financial deprive and and and problems if you plan to buy a lot of things for Amazon buy one thing every month maybe you don't mean or few things every few years I guess I guess you don't like money or something I don't know what the problem is but I think this is really a bad thing and I like to complain about it you know what I mean I'm sick and tired of them doing this you know what I mean not that they've done it before they just keep holding it it froze it a lot of my things I left a real bad message but direct message you know what I mean fix it that's just going way back and way unprofessional to a Max you know I mean I'm really nice person it's a nonprofit organization first of all the young Incorporated I would like to give to the less unfortunate give to the homeless you know what I mean sometimes you might do that and it's a tax write-off so I get money back it's not like selling selling because the tax write-off is so it's like a formality of selling but giving you know what I mean and when you're trying to give to somebody it's really horrible when you know they just want to take it away I don't need these I don't need these things I have money I have money and a ride a bike and I'm happy that's all that matters to me why can't other people be happy you know I'm just saying so that's the review I like to write and let everybody know about Amazon and how they treat people they smiling in your face and *** on you that's crazy I'm sorry about that cuss word please forgive my friends but that's out of pocket you know what I mean be my friends are shaking their head like something good for somebody well Carmen you know she's evil sometimes so let me know I'll just pray for him and stay calm amen amen 12 oDo notut there say my love

User's recommendation: I recommended future customers not buy a lot of stuff at once and make sure you tell them ahead of time before they freeze your account and cause you a headache ruin Christmas and every other holiday ruin Christmas not run so that's all I have to say.

Monetary Loss: $34.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Stockton, California

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