Got a new phone and was trying to login to my account and couldn't. Kept telling me my password was incorrect.

So I followed the steps to reset my password but I had an old phone number on file that it wanted to send a verification code to. So I kept going around in circles it seemed repeating the same steps and still unable to get in to my account. So I wanted to reach out to customer service for help and that was no help bc it kept taking back to do the same steps I'd already done to try and get in to my account and worse there was no option to call or phone number available to call for help. I had to Google numbers for support.

First attempt to call I was hung up on upon them answering so I called right back and finally was able to speak to someone and get help getting into my account. They updated my phone number so that the security code could be sent to me to be able to reset my password.

I love Amazon shopping but this was very frustrating. Should offer a number to call for support to get help with things like this.

User's recommendation: Make sure you keep your information up to date.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

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