I got Amazon prime back on my tv, but you cant play hardly anything on it. All movies want to change you a fee.

I am supposed to get them free. However thats not happening. Now it has become very irritating and I am going to have to all customer service again. Before they shut it off I got all the movies.

I had already given them a new credit card number and could even order things from them ,but for some reason they werent putting me back on my full account they kept sending me emails to fix my account. The link they provided me was not sending me to them. It would take me too a prize winning link. So I gave up.

Im really tired of the whole thing. I hate having to keep trying for them to get it right and it wouldnt take much for me too cancel Amazon.

User's recommendation: I don’t have any recommendations for future customers.

Location: Ojai, California

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