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This is the one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Ive been trying for over two hours to find a phone number to call Amazon.

The only progress I have made is getting more and more aggravated. I have been directed to menus all over the Amazon site but none of them provided a phone number to call Amazon. I even went to the menu that says to request a call from Amazon. If you hit call back a prompt says When your phone rings, answer it then it immediately says you are now connected to Amazon but you arent.

The phone does not ring and there is no one on the line. This is terrible, its the worst system Ive ever dealt with. I guess Amazon thinks they are the only game in town so they treat their customers like crap.

Im about done with these people. I know that eBay has a much better system and they are user friendly.

User's recommendation: Beware, if you ever want to talk to someone you can’t.

Preferred solution: Talk to a real person on the phone. I want a phone number….

Location: Bradenton, Florida

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