So if you wanna know what my problem is Ive tried to contact them for not receiving packages and nobody ever calls you back and you cant ever get a hold of a human being I did get to a spot at one point where I needed to pay a dollar in order to make a complaint the most ridiculous thing Ive ever seen in my life I spent a lot of money on Amazon but can never speak to a human this is ridiculous and I have been a customer for close to 17 years now my stuff gets delivered to other peoples houses and then they bring it to me their stuff comes to my house and we have to take it back to them or just put it back in the mailbox and on the way Im in a prayer it might get worse supposed to get I am disgusted we even put a sign on our front door that says do not use this door and they have actually delivered packages in front of the sign and took a picture of it how stupid can it get when they cant read a simple sign thats at the bottom of the door with a red arrow on it telling them do not use this door use the deck so we can hide the packages but Im guessing thats just too much trouble its easier just toss it up on the front door! For God and everybody to be able to see it plain as day to steal when we have an enclosed deck on the front of our house and no one would see it if it was in front of that door now sometimes they do get it right but we had to sign up for three months before anybody bother read it and then we had to tell the person did you read the sign that you just took a picture of my God Im sorry and then brought it to me so one comedian uses this phrase heres your sign but they cant read it and obviously they cant read addresses very well either thats all I got to say about it and that all the say enough

User's recommendation: Be very mindful of what you are purchasing exactly and then watch out for your deliveries before somebody steals them before you even get them and foul means tell them where to put your package and it might get there it may not that’s my experience and we order virtually weekly from Amazon.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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