I called in the confirm my return was received and I asked how long the refund would take and he told me 5-7 days. I was like why so long he said it was going to my debit card.

I explained to him that, that was wrong and it needed to be fixed. He put me on hold for 20 minutes then came back and said he couldnt reverse it that it was sent to my card. I asked him if he was looking at the right order because I was looking at it and all of them started they were being refunded to my Amazon gift card. And he told me that wasnt true.

So long story short, I got upset and asked to speak with a supervisor and waited on hold another 14 minutes all for him to tell me that my order was received and my refund was going to my Amazon gift card. So I wasted 45 minutes of my morning all because agent did not take the time to look into my account

User's recommendation: Bone.

Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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