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I am getting packages from amazon that I did not order I did not paid and they are using my name my address and sending non sense packages, I called them and spent maybe 5-6 hours on the phone explaining my problem maybe to 10-11 people they did not helped at all everytime they say they are going to do something about it but never had a solution! I am going mad by receiving non sense packages and no one is doing something about it.

That means our information is not secure in their systems and they are sending out stupid stuff to harrast people! This is so rude and making me cry every single time when I saw a package that has the name amazon in front of my house!

My health is going bad because of this and they are doing nothing about it! I talked to them 4 days ago again ( spend 2 hours on the phone) they said they will do something about it 3 days later again received 4 packages of stuff that even not make sense!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: I am being harrast.

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There is a scam going around where scammers in China are sending packages to people with little items in it. I forget what the purpose of it is, but it has been in the new lately.

Do a search for this scam---unsolicited packages, etc. Bottom line, however is that if you didn't order a package delivered to you, you are not responsible for paying for it and can do with it as you wish---and especially not have to pay for it if someone sends you a bill. You didn't say what the packages contained, but you also might want to make sure your credit or debit card is not being charged for things you didn't authorize.

If your card(s) are compromised, that would be a problem, so check all your cards and bank accounts to ensure you are not the victim of some type of fraud. Good luck and don't worry about the packages unless someone has access to your card info, etc.