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Monthly for 12 years I bought everything except groceries from Amazon and I am a Prime member, suddenly I went to make a review and I couldn't. As with others on this sight, they give you no reason and no chance to change the decision.

I am disabled, retired and mostly shut in. I had no contact with vendors, other reviewers and never asked for a product in exchange for a review, which are the reasons they give for disallowing you to make reviews. The fact that they refuse to tell you what you have done and that you have no recourse to change their decision tells me a lot about how they operate.

I had heard that they are mean to employees and apparently that also extends to their customers. They basically don't want my business and don't care if they lose me as a customer because they have so many.

This experience says everything I need to know about this company. There are now many other online businesses to order from including Walmart which I will be utilizing henceforth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Accused of something but not told what with arbitrary decision with no recourse to change their unfair decision.

Preferred solution: Satisfactory explanation and apology.

Amazon Pros: Convenience.

Amazon Cons: Unfair policies.

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I too was banned from reviews without given a reason. I was referred to their guidelines and found none I violated.

The only thing I can think of is I was offered a refund to change a bad review almost a year ago. My response was no thank you because I pay for items I buy. On this case the vendor should be banned for offering but I was banned for refusing their offer IF this is the reason. I still have the email however Amazon has no appeal process.

This is actually a blessing in disguise because I now don’t have to worry about leaving detailed and carefully thought out reviews. Amazon does not believe in a just and democratic process when the complaint is about them.