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bought a personal grocery cart. thinking it was from amazon.....well..it wasn't.

it had problems practically from the box.

but since it was over 14 days,( i was in the hospital and recovering for over a month before i could get to use it.) amazon REFUSED to do anything. they referred me to the vendor who shipped it to me. so it was a company that signed up for amazon services. he cussed me out and we had a 45 minute screaming match.

no one calls me the names this man did and gets away with it. i called amazon cs back and told them they need to vette their vendors better and was brushed off. a few years later, bozo puts out his personal email for damage control over employee problems. i wrote to him ..........got the same exact form from one of his lackeys that i got 2-3 years earlier!!

i told them to discontinue and close my account right then and there .......i got a snotty email that they would have to wait to weeks to make sure nothing was charged to the account. needless to say, i was not polite at the end of exactly 14 days.

i will never have anything to do with amazon again. alibaba has been a blessing!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Actually he does get to speak to you in that way because......wait for it........YOU STARTED IT!! You can’t play the victim when it was your attitude and threats that caused the situation.

You medical issues have ZIP to do with making a return. So just admit the item wasn’t what you were expecting and you were verbally abusive to the only person who COULD HAVE HELPED YOU!! You’re expecting that another human being is going to swallow your crap and then smile about it? You need to work on not only your temper but your interpersonal skills.

You get more done by acting like a mature adult then a petulant child. Let me guess, they wanted you to ship it back at your cost and they would have replaced it.

But in what YOU call wisdom you chose to try and make them do as you wanted. Which was to eat ALL of the costs.