Placed an order, tried to contact seller after two days because the order was not updating, they did not reply, I tried the second time to contact the seller, still no reply. I contacted customer service and was told I can not cancel the order until I waited 48 hours after I tried to contact the seller, I stated I have tried to contact them 5 days prior and still have no reply.

I was told I have to wait 48 hrs from the last attempt, so that means that I am in the wrong for trying to contact the seller the 2nd time.

Do not contact seller over one time or better yet DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AMAZON, they protect their seller and do not seem to care about their customers. During my chat session with customer service I was asking a question and the person online disconnected the chat, I guess they can be rude and inconsiderate if they chose.

User's recommendation: Buy from anyone but Amazon, even if you pay a little more, you will be off.

Preferred solution: stop the order from a seller that is not honorable or trustworthy..

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