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I ordered items to be delivered on 2/28/18 via Amazon Prime. I erroneously omitted the apartment number however I nor the recipient was contacted for clarification on the address throughout the 2/28/18 delivery date.

I received an email at approximately 605pm from Amazon stating that they (UPS) were having trouble delivering the package and needed further information (recipient's apartment number). I did not see the email until 709pm 2/28/18 and immediately followed up on my Amazon page where I provided the apartment information using the email option. I then also requested a call back from Amazon which immediately came in. After providing the representative with the recipient's apartment information, I was told that the package would be delivered tomorrow, 3/1/18 since the apartment information was provided after the 530pm deadline (as per UPS).

That was it as if this was the usual behavior by a major U.S. delivery carrier and one of the largest, if not the largest subscription service provider.

I nor the recipient was contacted throughout the day of 2/28/18 regarding the missing apartment number. How is it that if there was a 530pm deadline by UPS that I wasn't contacted until 605pm EST via email? In speaking with a UPS representative and a subsequent Amazon supervisor (Mariah) I was told the package was being delivered on 3/1/18 since it was after the 8pm deadline.

I'm not sure what deadline they were referring to since the time noted was 728pm - so unless Mariah was in another time zone, that information didn't make sense to me. She offered to give me a $25.00 gift card since the package wasn't delivered for which I declined. It is unprofessional on both Amazon and UPS for the lack of communication and service that was/wasn't provided today 2/28/18. The package in question contained gifts for my 2 year old niece who's birthday is today 2/28/18.

It doesn't seem to matter to either Amazon or UPS; apparently the UPS driver doesn't have a phone to contact the recipient but I know there is a way for the driver to contact the dispatcher for further clarification or if there was an issue. Amazon could've also contacted me at any time over the last few days to advise that the apartment number was missing but that wasn't done either.

How is it appropriate for the carrier to not follow up within a reasonable amount of time if there is information missing from the address? How is it that UPS doesn't communicate this to Amazon once the package is received to be then sent out for delivery? How does Amazon feel that it is appropriate to contact the customer exact 35 minutes after the UPS cut off time?

Why would Amazon feel that it is okay to offer a customer a $25.00 gift card and think that it makes this entire inconvenience all better? Who do I speak to about this? This entire situation was handled unprofessionally both by UPS and Amazon but I am more angry and disappointed in Amazon. As a long time Amazon customer, I would've expected better from Amazon.

Better communication earlier in the day from Amazon could have avoided such a stupid mistake. I am truly disgusted with Amazon and am choosing to cut all ties with Amazon. I've never experienced such unprofessional and abhorrent behavior from a major subscription service provider; I am utterly shocked and disappointed at what I would refer to as inexcusable customer service.

I'd like to remove the one star because there was no attempt to remedy this atrocity; if a $25.00 gift card was the solution then Amazon doesn't know good quality customer service. This entire experience is unfortunate and disappointing; I have been in the customer service industry for over 25 years and I try to be understanding when I'm the customer but this experience was downright horrible!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: no communication with customer and package wasn't delivered on the date it was guaranteed to be delivered..

Preferred solution: my package delivered on the original delivery date of 2/28/18.

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Seriously? YOU screwed up the address.

How in the world is Amazon, or UPS for that matter, supposed to magically know that you omitted a vital piece of information?The driver would have left the location by the time you received the email. They are not going to go back out there to deliver something when YOU made a mistake and didn't catch it.

They have rules and regulations and policies to follow - yes, if they receive the new information after 5:30pm local time, you'll get it the next available date. You people need to take ownership of your own actions and mistakes.