I bought an ionic fitbit . I saw it was an amzon prime order.

No where did it said it came from a third party. After i purchased the watch it said it only had a 90bday warranty and not the usual one year.

When i got my watch, it looked like it was a refurbished one and not a brand new one. It came from a third party vendor. I tried set up the watch and pair it with my phone.

Right away i new it was a defective one.

I called costumer service and i couldnt understant the people .

Their english was so poor( english is my second language but i do not speak broken english) they were rude , they couldnt help me. I called several times and i got nowhere.

I am returning my watch.

Amazon should not advertise it is a prime item and then send it from a third party vendor.

Location: Champaign, Illinois

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