Amazon delivery is awaful,no matter witch country you live in. They make sellers look bad.

Amazon took my money for a fast delivery saying it would arrive the next day as i paid for fast delivery.

Every day scince my order 9 days ago.

I wake up to a email saying my delivery date has been pushed back a day,from the seller.

At first i thought it the seller taking the mickey,till i looked depper only to find out its amazon its self thats doing so.

My first call to them the agent was rude & arrogant & hung the phone up because she couldn't be bohered,even thought my i was extremely polite.

My 2nd,3rd & 4th call i was given the run around.lied to with information witch most would know was just a cant be bothered reply,i was armed with information from my bank as that was thier useal method of misinformation was to blame the bank.so i knew when i when i wasnt being told the truth & the agent was just trying to get me off the phone. not till i asked to speak to a manger did i get the truth that it was down to amazon.

If they had just told the truth in the first place,i probably wouldnt of written this review.

I think they need to do a review of thier policy about honestey,it goes a long way,most know when thier being fobbed of & tbh most know & accpet honest replies.

This companys delivery in this day & age is not only awful its behind the times,even smaller compies do better. Never again will i order anything from Amazon,they wouldn't even rufund the fast delivery witch hasnt happened order was on the 9 days ago & still waiting for them to even dispatch it.

Its as good as theft they took my cash & for somthing i didnt recive & will never recive as the two days are well past gone.

Shucks it would be easy to get a refund on fast delivery witch didnt happen on most indie companys. Let alone recive your order in a timely fasion.

Never again worst delivery mess ive encounterd ever.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: 2-day delivery unreliable, Bunch of liars.

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