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Well I wonder order one of the concentrators and I figure if I'm spending that kind of money I think I should be able to pay for it to be shipped out overnight don't understand what the problem is there My phone number 419376**** Yeah I appreciate a phone call from somebody who is higher up than just customer serviyeah customer service so I can get this addressed I would like to do more business with you I don't know how to do other stuff online and as I told them I'm learning as I go I'm learning how to walk again after 6 weeks of being in the hospital I wanted to order some cans of oxygen and also an oxygen concentrator that you have the machine For $700 so If a $700 sale is not worth it then it's not worth it and I understand thank you I hate these talking text Google things they screw up you're writing and wording and everything else so if you can help me please get ahold of me I really wanna order one of the oxygen concentrators that you carry around thank you Yeah that's if you want my business I saw so much other stuff on Amazon I'd like to order but I want to know if I can get this right away please help if you can

Preferred solution: Yeah I would still like to have an order placed on one of the moxes and machines I really need 1 but I just don't think you guys are equipped to help me.

Location: Dayton, Ohio

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