I found a gaming monitor on sale locally at a store within a few miles, as well as through Amazon, doing my last minute Christmas shopping, hoping to make my 13 year old son's Christmas still able to be special and with a surprise that I consider a 'big gift', despite being a single, mother on a currently very low income. Now, I know a $200 present may not seem like a huge gift or a big gift for Christmas, but in my world, it truly is and was supposed to be, just that!

I chose to use Amazon, rather than drive to the local store, solely because they offered me the option of sending it in disguised packaging, not revealing what is inside, which was perfect for me because not only would my son not know what it was, as I knew he would be home for the holiday and probably see it, but also because I could wrap it in the box it came in, not having to try to hide it from bringing it home from the local store to wrap it, etc. I made sure I triple checked that I chose the option stating to not have it revealed and sent in a disguised package and made my purchase and honestly, I felt excited about. I was eager to see my son get this on Christmas day and I felt proud that I was able to make it happen with my low-income budget and lots of anxiety that I wouldn't pull it off, up until this point. It was to my devastation, literally bringing me to tears, when my son came to my bedroom and told me that there was a package here, that looked like something that could be for him for Christmas, so he said he closed his eyes and came to get me in case and to see if I needed help getting it inside and to have me check it first and if I do, he won't peak and will help me.

He then tried again to reassure me that he didn't see what the box was but that it just looked like it could be something for him. Bless his heart, I thought it was very sweet that he was trying so hard to not spoil my surprise by letting me know that his surprise had been spoiled. But, the moment he finished his sentence, I immediately knew Amazon had clearly sent it in the original packaging, despite my selection to have them send it disguised and trusting that they would follow through with this. I tried not to, but couldn't help but cry as I helped carry the package inside and feeling defeated I just told him to go ahead and open it and start setting it up but to remember that this was his 'big gift' and on Christmas day he won't have one to open because this was it.

I reminded him it wasn't his fault that he saw it and it was supposed to come different but he was happy to get the monitor and of course to open it a few days early... but it truly did ruin my Christmas and I feel his would have been better had this been done the way I paid them to fulfill and expected them to which would have allowed this to be a surprise, not spoiled, before Christmas day. A decision that I should've been entitled to make on when it was revealed, which was taken away from me. Now, I understand people are human and technology has it's glitches and this was a mistake, no matter what happened to cause it (although I was certain I selected the appropriate option as I was very careful and triple checked prior) but I am an understanding person.

I reached out to Amazon to explain what had happened and was hoping for some kind of resolution that would at least make me feel a little better about the circumstances resulting in the error on their end. After going into detail about what happened, explaining the same as I just did above, they literally just offered me a refund of $19.98. I reminded them this item was $200 and they corrected me that it was actually $199.82, not $200 and this was their 10% refund offer from the total charge. We won't even address that is not a correct calculation of 10% off of my $199.82 charge, but to me, this response was worse than them just saying sorry and leaving it at that!

I mean, I do not feel that I am wrong for feeling that I am owed compensation due to the fact I paid for an item that included a service that I chose and was not provided with this, basically the service/agreement I purchased based upon did not happen, therefore, shouldn't I be refunded or given some sort of compensation option as a result? If the tables were turned, I bet I would be expected to! But, I guess Amazon disagrees because I did file a complaint through the BBB regarding this matter and it ended up being closed as unresolved and unsatisfied customer when they offered a final and only option for a resolution being a $35 promo code discount, which meant I would have to use their resolution offer, the promo discount toward a purchase AGAIN made through Amazon, thus providing them with additional profit and business on my behalf, in order for me to even receive this alleged "resolution offer and apology". Again, I told them to forget it as it doesn't even compare to the disappointment for both myself and my son on Christmas all due to a mistake that THEY made, which I trusted they would uphold their end of my purchase agreement as a long-time loyal customer and then after they did not, they could not even offer me a fair or just compensation or sincere apology?

Instead their only solution is a promo that I have to spend more money with their business in order to even use?

I hope everyone reads this before considering purchasing through Amazon.com LLC because they are listed as a certified, authorized, seller and they clearly do not value their customers, nor care if they hold up their end of the terms or agreements when it comes to purchases and you are left losing if they do not, as they do not care to make it right, if they fall short on their end and do not take ownership or accountability for their mistakes. Very disappointing!

User's recommendation: Don't trust amazon!

Location: Orange Park, Florida

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