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Hello my name is Ms.CATRICE WARNER-BROWN and My order which has not made it to me yet and I really need my order before Mothers Day because the silver bracket ordered was for my mother with the A on it for Angel in which she is mine and it was from the heart so with that being said I had these same problems with Amazon when I first tried to set up my account with you guys but you resolved it to only to take my money and not deliver my products/ order and I just dont feel that is right but I do look forward to resolving my issues with your Comany and really hope we can continue our services in the future I really do hope and pray that this issue can be worked out and I can recieve my items before Mothers Day because it will be stressful to try to go out and try to find something else with only a week before Mothers Day and you guys have taken my 120 dollars already. Ive heard wonderful stuff about Amazon which is why I decided to order with you guys and its very convenient for me as well,have a very Blessed day Ms.Catrice Warner-Brown I CAN BE REACHED AT 313 736****!!

User's recommendation: Make sure to put in writing how you want your order delivered to you, down to the t if you have too because there are a lot of untruthful people out here that will take your packages off the porch which is why it is so important because I need my money and don’t have time for my packages to come up missing delivered somewhere else!!

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