Ive had multiple issues lately it in the beginning it wasnt it wasnt so bad I mean there was always one thing missing or you know every now and then because everybody can make a mistake were all human but the purple nodded blouse and the purple sneakers that I ordered were for my birthday on September 9 everybody was gonna wear purple and they were supposed to get here on the eighth and they didnt get here on the eighth they didnt get here on the ninth didnt get here and I spoke to a customer service agent who said he was going to make a note and that he would call the postage to make sure it was one of the first deliveries so I could have it for the afternoon for my birthday party long story short I never have received the purple sneakers or The purple blouse sometime before that I ordered allure perfume two of them because it was my moms favorite and shes passing so I wanted to have it to where you know for my birthday but your agent says that it was put in the mailbox so I have to take it up with the mail company the mailing company and then not only that to put the cherry on top of the cake I received a package yesterday September 15 todays the 16th and from With the order form says I received it says I received all these bracelets that I ordered and all these charms that I ordered and I think I ordered a ring or two and I ordered two pair of Fila sneakers one in black and one in Green and I ordered two pair of sandals one of them were they were both strapping up between the toes and one was a lot of different straps in multi color and the other one was like one black stripe and then it look like a beige or brown are across the side and then black in the back as well so its like a black sandal mostly I didnt Receive in the package the green pair of Fila sneakers I only got the black ones and I did not get either of the two sandals now I know it may not seem like a lot of money to you but I became a widow in February 22 through this Covid mess COVID-19 mess and I am a widow now on just a limited income so I cant afford to spend it to have some things that I need and then not get the things that I need and not get my money In return either its just not ethical start right its not a good way to do business so I asked that somebody have a heart and think about it and look at the order that Im talking about that I received on September 15 and please put the money back into the original account where I ordered or send me my items its simple I ordered two Cuban link chains and I only got one of them and I was telling them that Andie and I still havent received an answer about that either the customer service is terrible on top of the fact that it Hass to be texted there And the customer service of experience has been just very bad no empathy no understanding they just its a machine talking I think I dont even think its People

User's recommendation: If they pay and their item is not in their package then they should be reimbursed or have their item sent to them.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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