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Original review updated by user Jan 31, 2022

Not the first offense-Someone from Amazon Fresh keeps sabotaging my stuff! I had received Lysol spray with some water and *** in it & no strong Lemon smell, and this is not the first time illegal activities were done of towards me in secret.

The abuse I take is unconstitutional and unfair and bias and hurtful and dangerous from service people of the Amazon Fresh service online. I needed this companies service during this pandemic and someone had been trying to kill during this pandemic from them!

The last order they gave me frozen expired chicken, and some rice tampered with, that I still have the evidences and pictures of and of many other evils someone was doing! I am on food stamps being discriminated against using it on their service it feels like it and the Amazon fresh of someone doing many attempted killings of my minor and I that may be linked to an MPD police clerk neighbor that I have and because of a complaint and it has been so many problems with food and product tampering from someone that keeps doing this hate towards us, and I was threatened at one point with a formal WWE employee name N.

Bella name scapegoated and taunted at me from some people at my door by a Amazon fresh delivery person and my neighbor, who is the MPD police clerk told someone from the company to tamper with my stuff too. They are all illuminati harassing us!!!

User's recommendation: Limit your shopping with this company online, and Go to the store yourself and be careful!

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: Pricing diversity of products.

Amazon Cons: Not sending me the right product i order, Returns and wrong or damage second chance items, Not getting my stuff on time.

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Not to mention the only way you can get a full refund is if you return everything.


You are insane. Each 0ne of those pictures shows what is normal packaging .

The expire date is 2023. Last I checked it is 2022.