I recently tried to order some books for my daughter so she can get caught up on some required reading before school starts.

After researching best price, reasonable seller review, etc... I found the perfect sources and made purchase (my point being, that my time is valuable and an expensive resource, just like everyone else) After making purchase and receiving shipping confirmation, I had a reasonable expectation this was a done deal. Why would I think otherwise. Well, Amazon had other ideas regarding this. Not only was the order cancelled, my account was locked, charges were reversed, etc..


This was actually the second time the very same problem occurred. Two weeks prior, I had tried to make this order for books and had account locked, order cancelled and so on...

Finally, I called the "customer service" number. Where I got absolutely nowhere. They said all they could do was put in the form for an "account specialist" Who would contact me at some future time. Really.... Honestly, this is where I have lost patience. I asked the customer service rep (who was in a foreign country. Yes Amazon uses a call center not based in the U.S in order to save a few pennies) how I can contact the account specialist. They told me there is no way I am allowed to contact them, THEY would contact me, on THEIR terms, when THEY choose to. So now I await the call at this very time from amazon account specialist, to sort this all out. My thinking by writing this review, is that maybe we the mere consumer should vote with our dollars using another service. My hope would be to get the attention of Amazon, of whom I was very pleased to do business with until now. Until I was forced to reach out to the so called customer service. The thought that I have to wait for someone to contact me in order to allow me to spend my money is so outrageous, I can hardly contain myself. Who do these people think they are? We the people need to fight this kind of corporate control at every level.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Provide better customer service. and quick jacking around with peoples accounts.

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada

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