My order ( about $38) was delivered on Jan 18, 2022, an email with a picture was sent to me. However, I couldn't find the package in front of my house after thorough search.

I then called the custom services, explained the situation. I told them I have lived at the address for over 20 years, and never lost any package, including expensive iPhones.

The associates put a replacement delivery right away. However, when I looked the picture of the delivery second time, I found the front door where the package was dropped was not my house because I have a different door mat.

I searched my neighbor's door and found the package still outside.

I took it and told the neighbor that the package was mine.

I immediately called Amazon again and cancelled the replacement order that would be shipped next day.

I highly appreciated Amazon. This will increase my confident of order.

I'm very satisfied with the Amazon service.

Best Regards,

Heng Shi

User's recommendation: Always order from Amazon.

Location: Exton, Pennsylvania

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