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The follow-up email I received from Amazon:"Greetings from Amazon Seller Support.Hi, Cheryl.This is Honey, the associate whom you've spoken with regarding your account on Amazon.As we have discussed over the phone, your account has been closed due to no activities for the previous months. I have advised you to create another account using a different email address and not using email : [my email address].

Also, kindly use different account information as upon creating the account so that the system will not link the details on your previous account which may lead to under investigation for your new account.In addition, you can create a seller account by clicking this link https://services.amazon.com/ and go to "Start Selling" at the top right corner of the page. Follow the procedure on that page to create a seller account.It was a pleasure assisting you today.

I hope I was able to address your concerns. Feel free to call us back if you need further assistance."However, after requesting advice from amazonsellerslawyer.com, I was told that she was advising me to commit a serious policy violation and that she is not the only person in seller support who has given this advice.

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As a customer, I have had only good experiences. However, I had set up a seller account a significant number of years ago.

Nothing I put up sold at that time and I had not realized it was even a separate but linked account. Fast forward to today. I registered to work on their mturk.com site which requires a valid seller account for payment. My seller account was suspended a little over a month ago for lack of activity.

After a month, it is PERMANENTLY deactivated. This means you cannot make a new seller account with that email address again. It means you have to use entirely different information for any other seller account. When I asked, they confirmed that this included that it had to be a different credit card.

If I use the same card, my new account may be either deactivated or linked to my old account as sellers are only allowed one account. Even though my old account functionally no longer exists. I only have one card. The only help they offered was to tell me to set up a new account with entirely new information which I had just confirmed that I cannot do.

This set up is poorly thought out and needs significant improvement.

Either limit permanent deactivation to criminal activities such as fraud or allow subsequent seller accounts after permanent deactivation. Otherwise, significant groups of people may be permanently unable to use some services.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Fix criteria for permanent seller account deactivation, allow subsequent seller accounts following permanent deactivation, or combine seller and consumer accounts.

Amazon Pros: Quick service, Variety and affordability of products.

Amazon Cons: Seller support had no solution for my situation.

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