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This is billed as a laptop case, in that meaning that its suitable for short business trips as it has a compartment at the rear that supposedly can be used for clothes.

As a business traveller of 13 years I've had to cram clothes into small spaces to avoid the dreaded hold baggage for an overnight trip and the compartment in this bag does not offer a great deal of space.

With careful and creative packing I'm sure you can fit a days worth of clothes maybe even two but in terms of clothes and shoes in there don't expect too much.

The main saving grace is that the PC compartment is about the same size and will comfortably accept a 15" laptop and has another big document compartment which could also be used for clothes if you actually live the paperless office we all supposedly work in.

Combined with a generous front compartment for peripherals, pens, phiones etc this is a very capable laptop/overnight bag

The handle for the roller part can be zipped away allowing the bag to operate solely as a normal laptop bag but obviously there is quite a bit of extra weight with the handle, wheels and structure to support them.

Using the case in roller mode is quite frankly brilliant, the roller action is smooth and the case seems almost perfectly balanced and I've experienced non of the twisting over that can often happen with roller cases.

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