This review is for D-Dolution = a seller on Amazon; Selling: Tamron 18-200mm Di III VC for Sony Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera Series AFB011-700 (Black) (Electronics) -- GRAY MARKET - AGAINST AMAZON RULES. The product page says nothing about Gray Market.

You have to click on hidden links to read about the seller. I tried to register this lens on the Tamron USA site and got an error code w/ the serial code provided on a "piece of paper." No serial code was on the lens itself. No paperwork came with the lens. No booklet etc.

The seller claimed I could not get the six year warranty from Tamron because it was a gray market lens from Korea. He suggested I buy a year of expensive drop and break insurance from him. I called Tamron USA, and they will not SERVICE or WARRANTY gray market lenses. I described my lens to them (no serial number on it), they concluded that it was not even a gray market lens.

They say they e-mount lenses are newer and would definitely have serial numbers "etched" on them (the body) -even the gray market lenses. I assume I have a knock off that could not be serviced in the US or Korea. Amazon has made me jump through hoops to get my money back. They are allowing this seller to sell in this manner against their policy.

He hides this information in links instead of in direct product information. They should be picking up the package from my doorstep and shipping it back for me, instead of me going from place to place on my lunch hour trying to price a good way to send it back to Korea. DO NOT BUY ELECTRONICS FROM THEM. IT MAY BE KNOCK OFFS/GRAY MARKET.

They know it and allow these vendors to hide it. I posted a review, and the vendor pulled it...by pulling the whole item.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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I agree with the post below. I reported the issue to Amazon. Nothing has been done!


As a former AMAZON addict. I have had this same experience.

These sellers are using AMAZON name and losing AMAZON customers!

with this FRAUD AND THEY HAVE AMAZON's approval to do it.