Southbridge, Massachusetts

I bought this thing seeing as it said leather, not knowing it was fake leather. Now that I admit is my fault as I wasn't quite paying attention to what I was reading.

I just wanted the jacket. It was shipped using DHL, who kept getting the wrong address. Got here a few days after Christmas finally. Was surprised at how cheaply put together this thing is.

The top zipper just a zipper. No pocket there at all. Both side pockets are already falling off.It's not like I was wrestling around in it. The pockets ripped to the point that there are now holes from where the lining pulled its self out, I think from my movement I walk around town a lot) and being as I have no idea where to find a tailor and I have no car to get there, they pockets can't be fixed.

Keep in mind I only had it for a few hours at this point when I noticed the rips and how badly it was falling apart. Not sure they could anyway as I'm unsure how you go about repairing torn pleather. The lining ripped through the jacket so now there is *** as well as both pockets falling off, they don't close. Those buttons are strictly fashion over function.

The back is already warn and discolored. Item was supposed to be large but barley fits me. I'm afraid to wear it cause I think it might rip more and since it's "custom" made there is no size tag for me to check and make sure. Anyway Long story short, I filed a claim, it got denied, made an appeal, that got denied.

So I'm out the $140 I payed for this *** thing, that's already falling apart after only wearing it a handful of times. So out $140 I could be using to pay bills, or buy some much needed food in my house for something busted up and useless that I'm probably going to have to throw away 2 or 3 months down the road. To *** with Amazon. No longer a customer.

Can't even begin to explain just how pissed I am right now. Defiantly got scammed. Anyway that's my review. It looks nice sure, but it wont last more than a week.

DO NOT BUY IT. You'll regret it.

In other news I'm getting in contact with a few people at the courthouse. Looking to see how I can bring and the seller to small claims court. I'm not going to be out 140 cause they don't want to refund me for an "opened clothing item" that is defective.

"can be returned unopen or unworn in original packaging"...that makes no sense at all. How the *** are you supposed to figure out if it fits or if it's defective if you don't open the bloody package and try it on. Are you guys kidding me? Know how many people must get screwed cause of that rule?

Probably the only purpose for it. I need that money. Bad. I'm behind on bills, and my house is out of food as I lost my job recently.

So if taking these people to small claims court and spending a few bucks to get the majority of my pay back is what I need to do to get a refund...then bet your *** that's what I'm going to do. I'll be contacting the courthouse Monday so when I win I'll post again. I used to love this site too. I referred all of my friends.

Got them away from ebay and onto here.

But after being royally screwed again I'll be going back to ebay and telling anyone I know to do the same. (this is my review on their site btw)

Monetary Loss: $140.

  • Small claims court
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Good for you! I wish you luck in court.

I too, used to love Amazon. I have to do ALL my shopping online because I am very sick and thus disabled. Lately they won't let me return anything!

I only return items if the reason is legitimate such as being defective or not turning out to be anything like what they describe online..or similar reasons.

I too am Done with them.


What did the listing say that made you think it was leather? You now say you should have read it more carefully, so I want to understand how this happens so i do not make the same error.


I will say one thing...I understand your sitch, but I wouldn't trust ANYBODY selling online at this point...everybody *** everybody over at some point, kind of like how I got *** over with A&E Designs and Woody's Books...but by the same token, I also got *** over by eBay...I don't trust EITHER of these ***

Sara L

Perhaps you should've been paying your bills instead of shopping!! Hard to feel sorry for someone buying things they clearly can't afford. :roll :roll

@Sara L

I don't think the problem was with his ability to afford it. The problem was that it was defective.