after taking payment for item(s) with gift card.. Amazon sends me email notice 2 days later stating that they could not process payment - Remind - they already took payment according to gift card agency.

It was immediate. Now, I had to pay again with my approved bank card. note- now, item has been paid for two times. All in 3 days.

I call for refund to gift card which Amazon is saying that the item is pending purchase. bank card and the gift card payment was pending? - which it was immediately paid with by the gift card and my bank card 3 days later. Now- Amazon has been paid twice.

Still telling me that payment is pending for the gift card. I call my gift card agency and they say that Amazon already took payment.

They also took payment from my bank card. WTF?

User's recommendation: Gift Card scam - returning items for refunds.

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

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